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In November 2018, 35 activists, organizers, fundraisers, donors, and other supporters of movements for racial, gender and economic justice gathered at the Watershed Center in Millerton, NY at the 3rd annual Old Money New System community of practice retreat. The retreat focused on building community by co-creating ritual and deepening our spiritual practices; embodying a vision in progress for radical change in decolonizing and decentralizing philanthropic practice; coordinating tactics for disrupting the status quo in our work; and mobilizing towards a radically equitable and liberatory way of resourcing social movements. We grappled with big questions: What would a just transition in our economy look like? How can we move toward an economy that affirms the dignity and assets of all people, one that is free from exploitation and extraction?

We engaged in as an experiment that we are calling a Just Economy Exchange where we exchanged material and non-material resources to share infrastructure, capacity, space and other resources. What emerged (in part) is a Just Economy Solidarity Fund (JESF).

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We know that building a new economic system is no small matter. It is everyone’s work, and it will require countless steps, large and small, in the direction of justice. One step is fully and joyfully supporting work, ideas, and solutions that emerge from folks most impacted by the current system. This is a step you can take today by contributing to the JESF. This fund is currently supporting nine projects (see below) that are a combination of nonprofit organizations, social impact projects, start-up small businesses, healers and facilitators that are collaborating as a community of practice to shift power to communities most impacted by oppression, as well as to collectively leverage and share resources.

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The websites of each organization:

Your contribution to the JESF in 2018 to early 2019 will be shared among all of the projects detailed below. Leaders of these projects were among those gathered at the Watershed Center, where they were able to share their visions and name—with courage and self-determination—the resources needed to carry their work forward.

With one gift to the Just Economy Solidarity Fund, you can not only offer financial support to these nine projects, but you can also affirm and help build momentum toward a bold vision for a just economic future. Our movements deserve it.

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