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Sachem HawkStorm is the chief of the Schaghticoke First Nations, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, promote and enrich the Schaghticoke peoples’ heritage; provide a safe learning environment for Schaghticoke descendants in their search for direction; and whenever possible, support those seeking harmony and a greater understanding of our collective responsibility as human beings. The word “Schaghticoke” means “the Mingling of Waters,” and signifies the merging of what remained of the Algonquin Nations in the Eastern Woodlands in 1676. Sachem Hawk Storm is a direct descendant of the great Wampanoag Chief Wasanegin Massasoit and a hereditary leader of one of the three remaining tribes of the Schaghticoke Nation. Like so many of his people, Sachem Hawk Storm was taken from his parents and raised in a family unfamiliar with his heritage. Emancipated at 15, his life’s journey has been one of reclamation, re-indigenization, and reconnection to the land. Since 2012, Hawk Storm has actively advocated for the implementation of the United Nations Rights of Indigenous Peoples and is the Schaghticoke’s main representative at United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Under Sachem Hawk Storm’s leadership, Schaghticoke First Nations is in the formative stages of reacquiring land in the Schaghticoke ancestral territory to establish a Conservation and Cultural Center that will also promote decolonization and ago- forestry. Under the leadership of Sachem Hawk Storm, Schaghticoke First Nations works in close partnership with local indigenous communities throughout the northeastern U.S., as well as with other Indigenous Peoples from around the world.



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Below is the short form (only paternal side – maternal will to be added soon) of Sachem HawkStorm’s Lineage

Wasanegin Massasoit (Sachem) (Abt 1580 – Abt 1661)  Wampanoag Chief

12th Great Grandfather-Chief of the Wampanoag tribe

Annie / Amie Wampanoag    Wampanoag

Daughter of Ousamequin Great Massesoit / 11th Great Grandmother-11th Great Grandmother

Benjimine Tuspuquion ( Sachem)   Wampanoag -10th Great Grandfather

Mary METAARK/ Tuspouquion ( Abt 1622-1682)   Wampanoag-9th Great Grandmother

Isaac Siem (Sachem) (1660 – 1750)   Wampanoag-8th Great Grandfather

Gidion mauwee Mawehu (Sachem) (1685 – 1767)  Wampanoag-Scatacook-7th Great Grandfather

Joseph Chuse Mauwee (Sachem) (Abt. 1710 – 1790) Schaghticoke-5th Great Grandfather

Eunice mauwee Mawehu (1756 – 1860)  Schaghticoke-64h Great Grandmother

-Mother: Ann Warrups II (daughter of Thomas Chicken Warrups Sachem)was born Abt. 1718  in Katonah, NY, and died Aft. 1792 in Schaghticoke, Litchfield, CT

-Maternal Grandfather Sachem Thomas Chicken Warrups was son of Old Chicken Warrups Sachem   and Daughter of Catoonah) born Abt. 1675 in Katonah, Westchester,NY, and died 1769 in Village of Schaghticoke Village, Litchfield, CT .

Abigal M. Pann (1831 – )  Schaghticoke-5th Great Grandmother

James(Pann) Harris (Sachem) (1848 – 1909)  Schaghticoke – 4th Great Grandfather

Grace E Storms (1883 – )   Schaghticoke – 3rd great Grandmother

Mabel Storm Birch (1907 – 1988)  Schaghticoke – 2nd Great Grandmother

Ralph L Birch (1936 – 2011)   Schaghticoke -Grandfather

Allan J Birch (1959 -Living)  Schaghticoke -Father