Quawonknomnnoona Nkeech Ndinaukomawusic, Konamanse ? 
(Qwa wonk Nom Noon Nah, N Keech, Needin now cOma Woo sick , Kona Mahn see) Greetings my friends, How are you?Drew and ValLanguage; it is by far the most indelible and defining characteristic of any culture on planet earth.  Language enables people to see, interact and engage in the world in ways that most other human expression cannot comprehend or ascend high enough to reach its complexity. For us; our language is an indelible part of our identity and cultural reference, it is here; in language that we are relighting the fires of our ancestral traditions and passing them down to the next generation. Drew Shuptar-Rayvis (Amok/Otter; Tribal Orator, Wampum Carrier, Tribal Historian) and Valerie La Robardier (Tribal Genealogist and Secretary) have after 200 years begun the process of reviving the Schaghticoke Mahican dialect as it was recorded by the Moravians and others in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. We encourage strongly, that tribal members begin to relearn there language and welcome all non tribal people to listen and learn the language as well.

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