Tribal Council

Ed Wolf Walker Conley—Powwaw (Spiritual Leader), Tribal Council Chair

Born and raised on the banks of the great Hudson River, a homeland of my “River Indian” forefathers.

The tides and whispers of the past were my early teachers.

After honorable service in the army, I pursued a degree in engineering.

This served me well, retiring from a lifetime of employment in the healthcare industry last year.

I now function as a spiritual leader for my people.



Debra Brochu—Tribal Council

Debra brings organic veggies to the community in Maine from Peacemeal Farm. She brings her Schaghticoke lineage, the wisdom of her connection to the Earth Mother and sustenance to the council. We are honored for her presence.




Robert Shawn “Noble Wolf” Grant—Tribal Council

With the discovery of his family line, Shawn became a tribal member and since then has been active in many aspects of tribal life. 

Embracing his heritage with strong participation in tribal meetings, gatherings, and rites of passage, becoming a member of the Tribal Council was inevitable.

Shawn is involved and deeply rooted in his family life, church life, and community life and Faith and Tribal Identity are focal points.

To understand him as the leader is to understand how he loves and cares for the family. Providing insight, ideas, fundraising, and development support, and participating in outreaches, Shawn is an active member of his local church body. Coaching for over 20 years in after-school programs and the local YMCA, he takes pride in helping to shape positive futures for local youth. Providing mentoring and uplifting their growth with self-confidence, leadership skills, and emotional support, Shawn is encouraged to see many of these children come to be productive, caring and strong young adults.

His goals are to forward the tribe in unity, love, and respect for all.