Our mission is to preserve, promote and enrich our first peoples’ heritage, serve traditional natives in their search for direction and provide support to all those seeking harmony and a greater understanding of our responsibility as human beings. Schaghticoke First Nations is a 501c3 not for profit organization. Through teach-ins, guest lectures, and cultural events, we strive to increase awareness of our true history and traditional heritage. Language, art, stories, music, and dance invigorate our youth programs. We promote the preservation of existing historic sites important to our history and assist in the identification of new ones. Sachem HawkStorm and council members work to hold a cohesive container to soothe the inter-generational trauma of living as Native people struggling with the dance between indigenous and modern society.  Extended genealogical research is an important aspect of what we provide for existing and prospective tribal members. Inter-tribal relations are nurtured by Sachem HawkStorm’s United Nations participation and local education efforts promote awareness of the benefits of Unity and proper care of the Earth. Tribal gatherings, ceremonies, and online educational platforms encourage tribal participation and connect members locally and throughout the US and Canada.


If you wish to contact us or get added to the monthly newsletter list please send an email to SFN.Tribal.email@gmail.com.

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